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I really suck at updates.

I got a job at Best Western.  I’m pretty excited because there is high potential for upward advancement.  Also, when I travel I get employee discounts at any Best Western.  Pretty exciting!

I also can give “friends and family” discounts, so if you actually read this just let me know where you are going and I’ll get you a price for a BW hotel so you can see if you would save money.



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Where oh where should I go?

Being biten by the travel bug is a serious thing.  I’m currently thinking about 3 trips and I’m having reservations about two.  I don’t know what to do so you tell me what you think:

I can try to buy tickets for the last shuttle launch from NASA.  I’ve always wanted to go see a launch from one of the viewing areas but never got around to it.  I can’t afford it right now which really sucks but I have a friend who lives near by.  Should I try to get the money and go or just view it from my friend’s house?  Or is it not worth seeing?

The second trip I’m thinking about is the 2012 Olympics in England.  My friend Allison is going and, again, I’ve always wanted to go to an Olympics.  Not to mention, closing is like two days after my birthday.  But England is hella expensive.

The last trip, which strangely enough is the most plausible, is to Australia.  But this won’t be for a few years.  I am thinking of applying for a visa that would let me go for a year, working 6 of the 12 months in the country.

So what do you think?  Space shuttle, England or Australia?  Or a combination or none?

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

A pipe burst in my neighborhood today.  When the repairmen came to fix it, they had to open up the fire hydrant so they could work on the problem area.  I took my brother’s English Bulldog puppy down to check things out.  As I watched the gallons and gallons of water gushing into the street two neighborhood kids came out to see one of the neighborhoods most exciting events in some time.  They wondered if they should play in it or just race their RC cars through it.

As I was walking home, I started to think about 1960’s New York City.  I could see in my head the kids all coming out to play in a fire hydrant on a hot day.  And I realized that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We live in a world with computers and cell phones, where kids are able to do more with google in ten minutes than with a library in a day.  We have skyscrapers reaching beyond the clouds.  We can travel to around the world in a matter of hours.  We harvest the energy of atoms and turn corn into just about everything but corn.  But if you turn on a fire hydrant, kids still come out to play.  It is nice to know some things don’t change.

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Men Plan, G-d Laughs

I love plans.  Without a plan, I will stay in the house all day, only moving from the bed to the couch, the couch to the kitchen and then back to bed.  My calendars run my life. But there is an old saying (I’m pretty sure it is Jewish/Yiddish):  Men Plan, G-d Laughs.  These past few weeks I have felt like a jester for the big Man.  As it turns out, I didn’t go to Tally this week for reasons out of my control.  But this is a travel blog so let me tell you story about traveling:

This past summer (2010), I volunteered with a group at my school.  We traveled to Spain to work with a group helping those living and dealing with HIV and AIDS.  While on our weekend excursion, my friend Jeffery and I decided to rent bikes to see more of Madrid.  We rode all over the place.  I thought I had a pretty good layout of the city.  I was able to find whatever we were looking for within a few minutes.  I was really impressed just how safe I felt most of the time – even while riding on the streets with the cars.  Our rental bikes were only ours for 2 hours so we made plans to meet up with the other volunteers at a park.  We didn’t make it to the park…

The bike shop was in an alley.  After returning our wheels, we took a wrong turn and then a few more.  Before we knew it, Jeffery and I were in the middle of this residential neighborhood without any sign of major streets or throughways.  We had a few choices:  start asking anyone we passed for directions in our very limited Spanish, continue aimlessly wandering in the hopes of an exit or … enter the cafe we were now standing in front of.  Clearly we made the right decision and went to get a little munchies and something to quench our thirst.

In Spain, sangria isn’t anything special.  Americans romanticized it here but over there it is a commoners drink.  The bars will make large batches of it just to have on hand so as not to waste time with making each drink individually.  If you know me, you know that my drink of all drinks is sangria.  So naturally that is what I ordered.  Well, this cafe must not have had the batch ready yet (it was only 2pm).  The bartender takes out two large glasses (the kind you usually drink bear out of) and adds the sugar, the red wine, the liquors, the fruit and the two cubes of ice – all right in front of us.  This was the first time I had seen the sweet nectar juice made in front of me and by a Spaniard no less!  And can I tell you that was the best sangria I have ever had.  So good, I had to have another.  Then the bar tender offered us each a shot of some strange liquor with a label I couldn’t read.  Obviously, we were having a better time than we would have had in a park.

The walk back to meet up with the group seemed to be a breeze.  Our barkeeper sent us in the right direction and Jeffery and I enjoyed commenting on all the sites and people along our way.  Hands down, I really enjoyed our original plan being disrupted.

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I’m heading back to Tally for a week

I’m returning to Tallahassee, Florida this week.  I will be there Monday through Friday with a trip to Georgia for a very special event.

Tally is an interesting place to say the least.  It is the state capital and so there is a 22 story building with lots of hotels and swanky little restaurants in the downtown district.  But it is also a small southern city.  There is racial segregation based on living patterns decades ago.  There are mom & pop businesses that are staples to the community.  And there is, of course, my alma mater:  The Florida State University (as well as Tallahassee Community College and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University – FAMU).

I don’t really know why but going back always brings up an awkward array of emotions in me.  I enjoy going back and being in the place that brings back fond memories and spending time with wonderful people.  But I also find it hard to hold my head high in the town I practically ran away from.  Tallinasty definitely took a toll on me and I know I’m not at the point in my life where I can return and say ‘look at what I have accomplished – Tally did not take my soul with my tuition.’

Anyways if you get a chance to go to Tallahassee I would really suggest you do some or all of the following: obviously see the old and new Capitols.  The old capitol was actually much larger and was supposed to be completely demolished after the construction of a large phallic new building.  But a coalition formed and saved the now Historic Old Capitol Building from destruction.  Enjoy a walk around Lake Ella and if you are the partying type, take a cab to The Strip (Tennessee Ave on the North side of campus).  The ”rough part of town” is French town and is roughly considered North of Tennessee Ave to the area around Tharpe St. and West of Monroe to … Basin?  I’m not really sure where it ends.  But really it isn’t too bad.  Being a student of Urban and Regional Development, I could talk about this for a while so I will spare you and say Tally is worth at least a day trip if you are near by.

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Some of My Travel Itinerary


First off, I suck at keeping up with writing. I’ll shoot for twice a week again.

I am trying to fit my entire life into a 30 gallon tote and my large duffel bag. I am so very close to accomplishing that goal. In the process of getting rid of unnecessary things I found my stack of plane, train and bus tickets. I was quite impressed with how much travel it represented. When I started to blog, I was inspired by this page. So here is my list of where I’ve traveled. It isn‘t complete but I will try to update it as I play with the format. As of now, it is an itinerary format with each trip grouped together by color.



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