Confederates at the 4th of July parade?

Did you know Brandon, Florida has Florida’s largest 4th of July parade?  It’s true!  In fact, our governor, Mr. Rick Scott (aka Lord Voldemort) was planning on being a part of our little shin dig up until the Thursday before.  He cancelled because he was afraid of protesters.  It is a testament to his horrible job rating when a republican governor can’t even come to the BRANDON 4th of July parade … but I digress.

What I really wanted to discuss was another group who actually did show up this past Monday.  The Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy have long marched in our parade.  This year I was struck by the realization that these people are celebrating the fact that their ancestors tried to overthrow our Republic.  The 4th is the day when our country comes together, leaving behind the rich and poor dividing lines, the republican and democratic ideology and celebrate the fact that we are a free, united nation.

So why were these people marching in this parade?  They had several flags, but none of which were the American republic flag.  These people were not celebrating our free and united nation, they were clinging to a group that tried, unsuccessfully, to tear our nation apart.

What are your thoughts?  Appropriate or not?

(See my rant on the Confederate Battle Flag, which was also in abundance at the parade.)


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