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New Goal

So I was reading a blog called The Art of NonConformity (and you should be too!) and got an idea from someone’s comment on a post.

But first some background:  I got a couple of speeding tickets last month, I’m trying to move out (read: down payments, plus first month rent) and I’m still trying to pay off my last credit card (and, again, you should be too!).  But I work at a hotel that is small and pays me less than the industry average (boo!).  Soooo, money is pretty tight.

Here is the idea:  I have some life experience.  I’ve done a decent amount of travel, met a decent amount of people, and done a decent amount of stuff.  So why not sit down and talk with people about anything and everything!?  All I need is a sign Let’s Talk! $2 donation and a table to sit at.  I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks but that is ok.

I stole the idea from someone else who said it works in cities around high volume areas.  It is perfect because this can work in ANY high volume area across the world!  Since I don’t really like crowds all that much, I’m going to ask a friend to come along and split whatever we get.  I’ll let you know how this turns out.




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