But that isn’t fair!

I’m driving up to Gatlinburg, TN next month for my older brother’s wedding.  I’m very excited because he is the first sibling to get married and he asked me to be his best man!  But I’ve run into a problem.  I don’t own a car.  It is a combination of me being too poor to afford one, my liberal side that doesn’t want to pollute or rely on oil, and the side of me that wants to be healthy by biking everywhere.  End result is I have to rent a car for the trip.  I’m planning on using points at work for a few free day passes.  I called to make sure everything was going to work out.  Then, just before hanging up, I asked the question I knew I didn’t want to:  Do you have an extra charge for someone who is only 24.  Yep, 27 dollars.  A day.  So, I’m not sure if I’m going to rent a car or what.

Do you ever come across rules that you think are bogus when you travel?


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