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Exciting trips coming up!

Hello again my old friend (and Allie too!),

I am very excited to give an update about life.  The wedding was absolutely fabulous.  I loved spending some quality, albeit short, time with so many in my family.  My mother and father, both brothers, my sister and sister-in-law, two aunts, two uncles and my parents new spouses were all there.  The wedding was small and intimate and the reception was perfect for our family.

Since then, I have been working two jobs, usually 80 hours a week.  I’m saving up for my 6+? months away.  I will be leaving for a much needed vacation to Washington, DC on Feb. 2.  I’ll spend the weekend there and then leave on Monday or Tuesday for New York City.  I’ll be spending two and a half weeks with Occupy Wall Street and whoever else I meet up with there.  Then, the last weekend of February, I’ll be flying out to Eilat, Israel for five months.

When I get back, I plan on going to see my family for a week or two in Pennsylvania.

So, I’m very excited about life.


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