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It’s catchy, give it a second

This pretty much sums up a good chunk of the course I’m on.


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Thoughts of this Sunday

I know I should make a post about the Jewish holiday that just ended, Shavuot, but … I’m not going to (right now?). Sorry Rabbi Torop.

Instead I’m going to list off a bunch of thoughts from today:

– Cats making either a mating call or fight call should NOT be louder than the sound of the goat milk pumper machine when I’m standing RIGHT next to it. I swear these beasts are on Viagra.

– Despite not wanting to go milk the goats today, I had a great time. 6 births when we got there (one still-born). 4 babies to be bottle feed (I can’t help but think of my future niece Salah Rose, but hopefully not as hairy). 2 more babies born while we milked. All in all not to bad, even with having to climb the platform and move the dumb goats who don’t move all the way down.

– New hammock in the moa-dome (hangout place in the neighborhood)!

– I made a simple water purifier out of rocks and sand in a bucket. But then Mike broke my heart by telling me I can’t purify my piss with just that. Maybe I’ll still try it out and have Tal test it. (Just wanted to see if you’re reading this :p )

– Laundry is all done. This actually should be a post unto itself. I use the Eco bike laundry machine, no electricity. Anyone interested in reading about that?

– Pool is open!!!! Yay!!

– Most of the neighborhood garden beds are weeded… Most.

– Room is swept and clean!

– Beard is coming back!

I think that about covers it. I’m still waiting to hear what you want to know about from my experiences here. What would you want to read about?

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House keeping update

So first off, I want to open up the option for a little more conversation on this blog.  If you have questions or topics you want covered, send me an email!  It is M.Freincle at gmail dot com.  I am really excited about this and if you really spark a great convo, I might even send you a postcard from Israel!


Second, and perhaps the most importantly – I belong to the best congregation EVER!  I got an awesome care package from Congregation Beth Shalom of Brandon.  They sent me loads of yummy candy, a kick butt T-shirt from Mitzvah Day, a card and a hello paper signed by a whole bunch of folks.  It was a total surprise for me when I got back to the kibbutz from the Bedouin village this past week.


Speaking of Bedouin villages … that really deserves a post all on its own.  But I leave tomorrow AM for Bethlehem and the West Bank/Palestine.  I will try to include it in the post I write when I get back.

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Heading North

I’m about to travel up near Be’er Sheva to stay with a Bedouin village for a week.  I hope to update for there but if I can’t I’ll def. have a post about it when I get back.

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Modern day pianist

Tal playing away on the ivories with his laptop as sheet music.


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Photos from the kitchen




The chefs and their creations. I’m not sure this is how we were taught about plant reproduction…

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Jacob’s ladder

I’m hanging out at a three day folk music fest. Loving the relaxed atmosphere and great music. I might try to pick up a didgeridoo.

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