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I really really really

want tickets to the Emeli Sande concert in Ybor in October.  Being poor kind of sucks.  But hey, I can always hang out around the back door entrance!  


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It is kind of amusing

Some of my best writing I can’t share.  It is raw emotion that, I feel, people can relate to.

I wax poetic on the less than finer things in life.  I go into detail on things that people would rather not focus on – yet we all go there, we all feel these things.  The pain, sorrow, regret, and shame of life.

But alas, I feverishly check the privacy settings when I first open my blank canvas, mid way through with every high (or, as the case may be: low) point, and at the end of my editing.  I check to ensure all the privacy options.  Somehow, the “Seen by: Only Me” option never feels comforting enough.

There should be an option stating, “Seen by: Only me in the confines of my own home, in my room, with the door closed, with no one home and to never be read by any other living being on the planet”

Because, let’s be honest, nobody really wants to read that shit.  We are all grown people with trials, tribulations, and tragedies.  But for some reason we live in a time and culture that places all of the negative in a box.  The box should be tucked away under the bed like bad 80’s porn we are embarrassed we still kind of get off to.

But that is okay, I’ll keep writing away.  Maybe someday down the road, some poor lonely soul will be trolling the web and somehow come across outdated Facebook and WordPress websites that have old and antiquated privacy protocols.  I hope they at least enjoy the syntax.  Just don’t judge the punctuation too much, punk.

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