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Another quick update

I have to get to dinner with my host family soon but here is what the last month brought me:

The war ended and we finally started to pick up more business.  We had a group rent out a third of our rooms two weeks ago and then we were sold out for the whole Rosh HaShana weekend (Thursday – Saturday).  I am finding it challenging some days to be content working here because there seems to be so much work to do office-side that I would LOVE.  But my Hebrew level prevents me (and the fact that the rooms still need to be cleaned).  Things are tense for the higher-ups at work as the kibbutz voted to privatize starting 01 January and our work branch (tourism) is being looked at by the outside kibbutz manager.  It is for the best, this place has much much MUCH more potential than is currently being realized.  But the interpersonal relationships are being tried.  From what I hear, there will be staff changes coming soon.  I’m just keeping my head down as best as I can since I won’t really be affected too much.

Not too much else going on.  I have officially received my certificate of completing the first level of Hebrew courses.  I have changed my ID to show that I live here on Lotan now.  I attend Friday night services and enjoy the communal meals of the dinning hall.  Things are nice and slow most of the time.


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