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I meant to update this three times before tonight

So where to begin?  First, I have been trying to embrace my inner traveller.  Whenever I have the strength to go out and explore the city I really enjoy myself.  I had a half day tour of the old city with a coworker.  He showed me around the Arminian quarter and we went into the Church of the Dormition.  The big part of that church that I remember is it is where the last supper took place.  But truth be told, it seems like the churches all have about 135 different things going on there.  Like damn boo, choose a schtick and run with that!  But we went up on the rooftops near there and got some good views of the eastern side of the city.  Then we walked along the walls and entered back into the city from Lions gate.  We took the Via Dolorosa all along the stations of the cross.  We then ended up in the Muslim quarter and went to the rooftop of the Austrian Hospise.  Wow.  By far the best view-point I have seen in the Old City up until now.  20160523_123947And we were up there just as the call to prayer was starting – just breath-taking.  This was the building just across from the hospice:  20160523_123336Then we went to the new city and had a great lunch at a hole in the wall place.  20 sheks a person and you left full.

There was also the Jerusalem Light Festival.  Not for those who don’t do well in crowds.  But it was another amazing local/tourist experience.  There were some not as amazing projects but overall it was really well put together.  My two favorites were this New Orleans inspired group:  20160530_211406and this opera singer with the church of Domitian behind her:

Then there are the little things around the house.  The roommate dropped more than a K on bringing nature to the house.  We have a nice little porch set up now and a few more house plants.  The picture doesn’t do it justice and we have since rearranged but you get the picture:  20160520_133020I really lucked out with this roommate.  Very positive without pushing it in your face if you need to feel down.  VERY funny.  Just overall a great living situation.

So now the not so fun times:

Things at work a hit and miss.  I’ve tried to put my foot down for a normal schedule.  And it worked for three weeks before the reception boss got pissy.  Every shift that I work with him he is either calling me fat or calling me spoiled (for wanting more than 8 hours off between shifts).  I have tried to look at things from his point of view but I really just can not understand why he operates the way he does.  It is like we are his plebs in his own personal kingdom.  His mood swings are notorious and frankly I can’t understand how he got into his position. I’m really on the fence about looking for another job but I’m trying my best to stay here for at least 1 year (9 very long months away….)

And probably the biggest thing I need to write about is the massacre at Pulse.  Truth be told I have no idea what I really want to say.  I called the LGBTQ resource center here in Jerusalem but their councilor is in the US this week.  So my head is swirling around.  And I know that all the things I want to say I shouldn’t.  So if you get butthurt, stop reading this paragraph.  I know I have rage in my chest when I think about this.  And there was a bit of time that I was just numb to it all yesterday.  Every time I get on Facebook the rage that had subsided into a small part of my heart comes running back.  In the first few days after the shooting I literally wanted vengeance.  I wanted straight blood to be spilled.  I know that is wrong – and I’m really trying hard to move beyond that (most of the time I have moved beyond it).  But the fact that we are still fighting for our own lives – in our own spaces!  It gets me so angry.  And the responses from the gun totting rednecks!  Dear lord almighty please please please let me not go off on my own family about that part.  Please let me not do or say something I’m going to regret to them.  Please just put a brain in their heads on this issue!  How in the world can they be so far off base on this!?  And the bullshit from conservatives – the republicans who constantly vote against the queer community trying to save face or worse score political points is nauseating.  And the bible thumpers with their prayers for Orlando.  No.  Don’t pray for Orlando.  Orlando is a city – it is not a breathing person.  I would say you should pray for the victims but chances are those bible thumpers are the same ones who want us to pray away the gay.  Go fuck yourselves.

Anyway, like I said, my thoughts aren’t clear on all this yet.  I’ve been watching drag queen music videos or queer movies all this week.  I’m trying to get to a place where I don’t have hate in my heart.  I hope dude or dudette I talk to next week can talk me back from this.

So that was an update!  I’m on the night shift and it is 4:15am so I just got tired as all get out.  kbye!


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