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an email I just sent that made me giggle

First, I have had a post ready for more than a month, but I need to preface it because I wrote it in such a different mind set than I am now (I’m so good now, btw).  But that will wait until later.  Just wrote this email and it made me giggle, so let’s put it here for posterity:

first, your voice mail is full.  empty that shit out, you need more of my nonsense in your life.

second, I might have polished off a bottle of wine tonight.   But not a in sad drinking way – went out with the girls from the work chain.  fun was had.  stories were told.  bitches are fascinating.
third:   listen to this song.  toddrick hall is amazing.  Then, go listen to his whole “forbidden” album.  It tells a story.  Then spend another hour and a half listening to his “straight outta oz”.  it is another story

fourth: bitch, why haven’t you come to visit me?  I already got used to the odd looks I get when I say no family has come to visit me in four years and that I’ve only been back twice.  But I think I can get them back to normal if Americans in general come to visit.  So come give me street cred on these mean streets of community oriented Jerusalem.

Also, currently (not now, because….. 1am) I’m in the middle of a three day management course.  yay for getting life back on track!

lastly: penis.  because fuck you.

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