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On a hope and a prayer

Well, my tickets are all bought, my plans are mostly set.  I’m going to DC for a week, then NYC then Israel.  But, I still don’t have my visa for Israel.

I called the mission in Miami and a man told me that if I have an local address for them to mail my passport to, the embassy in DC will process my visa request.  I plan on going to the embassy on the first day in DC and visiting them every morning there after until I have my visa.  I hope this plan works.

If that fails, I’m going to have to fly to Miami and get my visa done there.  I really hope it doesn’t come to this.

Have you ever had visa or passport problems?


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Little successes

So I’m working on my ticket from Tampa to DC (I’m going to DC for a week on vacation before heading to NYC to leave for Israel).  Delta charges 25K for either a one way ticket or a round trip ticket.  They won’t let me use it to go from TPA to DC to NYC even though it is about the same as a round trip from TPA to DC.

I don’t plan on coming back to TPA before leaving for Israel and I just can’t bring myself to spend 25K on a one way ticket.  So what is a girl to do!?  Well, I just found out that if I book my round trip ticket from TPA to DC and then call 72 hours before my return trip to cancel, I have up to one year to use it.  Bam!  I’m going to just stop back in DC on my way back from Israel and redeem the last half when I’m damn well and ready to use it.  Also, Delta has a call center here in Tampa!  I was talking to a representative only 3 blocks away!

It is the little successes that make me smile.

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Plans are actually in progress!

So I’m now a full time Occupier down at Occupy Tampa.  I have a lovely two man tent set up on the East side of the neighborhood.  The streetlight at the corner of Main St. and Albany provides me a lovely tint of night light when the sun has set and I’m just a few strides from the Kitchen.  Lovely if I do say so myself.  I’ll be working on getting the neighborhood to switch over to a credit union and whatever else I can do to support the economic justice movement.

Also, I’ve booked my flights to and from Israel!



30 JUL DELTA 269 TEL AVIV 12:40 A


I’m probably going to book my flight from Tampa to DC tomorrow and then I’m planning on hitch hiking from DC to NYC.


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Exciting trips coming up!

Hello again my old friend (and Allie too!),

I am very excited to give an update about life.  The wedding was absolutely fabulous.  I loved spending some quality, albeit short, time with so many in my family.  My mother and father, both brothers, my sister and sister-in-law, two aunts, two uncles and my parents new spouses were all there.  The wedding was small and intimate and the reception was perfect for our family.

Since then, I have been working two jobs, usually 80 hours a week.  I’m saving up for my 6+? months away.  I will be leaving for a much needed vacation to Washington, DC on Feb. 2.  I’ll spend the weekend there and then leave on Monday or Tuesday for New York City.  I’ll be spending two and a half weeks with Occupy Wall Street and whoever else I meet up with there.  Then, the last weekend of February, I’ll be flying out to Eilat, Israel for five months.

When I get back, I plan on going to see my family for a week or two in Pennsylvania.

So, I’m very excited about life.

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Things are coming together

I am all set (knock on wood) for my trip to TN this weekend travel wise.  I still have no idea what I’m going to get my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law.  I really wanted to give them the gift of travel.  When I was in community college, a very wise professor, Dr. Earl Paul, told me that a person just needs one good trip to get the travel bug.  But once they have it, they will want to explore for life.  I want to share that with them.

But, my problem is money.  I was going to use a combination of work points and Skymiles to get them two domestic tickets.  But to do that, I would have had to forsake my Washington DC trip all together.  Seeing as I am going on this trip with a very dear friend who has had her past few vacations cancelled by her would-be travel companions, I decided not to.

Since they are moving into a brand new house this week, I’m going to be practical and get them things from Target or JCPenny (because I have a credit card with them that has a zero balance right now).

Speaking of DC, I have all the Skymiles I need for that trip now and all the points I need for the hotel.  Free airfare and free hotel – those are the two biggest costs of traveling!  holla!

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By plane, by train, by automobile

So after the disappointment of renting a car (see last post), I started looking into other ways of getting to TN.  My Aunt Leslie lives in Jacksonville and is driving up so I decided to take the Amtrak to JAX and hitch a ride with her.  I’m pretty excited about my first American train trip.  I’ll be sure to let you all know about it.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to use my Best Western rewards points to buy enough Delta Skymiles to fly up to DC in February.  I hope I can get first class even.  The DC trip overall is coming together nicely.  I’ve got a private tour of the Capital lined up with my congressman’s staff and we have submitted our request for a White House tour (we won’t find out until two weeks before).

Yay travel!

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But that isn’t fair!

I’m driving up to Gatlinburg, TN next month for my older brother’s wedding.  I’m very excited because he is the first sibling to get married and he asked me to be his best man!  But I’ve run into a problem.  I don’t own a car.  It is a combination of me being too poor to afford one, my liberal side that doesn’t want to pollute or rely on oil, and the side of me that wants to be healthy by biking everywhere.  End result is I have to rent a car for the trip.  I’m planning on using points at work for a few free day passes.  I called to make sure everything was going to work out.  Then, just before hanging up, I asked the question I knew I didn’t want to:  Do you have an extra charge for someone who is only 24.  Yep, 27 dollars.  A day.  So, I’m not sure if I’m going to rent a car or what.

Do you ever come across rules that you think are bogus when you travel?

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