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Little successes

So I’m working on my ticket from Tampa to DC (I’m going to DC for a week on vacation before heading to NYC to leave for Israel).  Delta charges 25K for either a one way ticket or a round trip ticket.  They won’t let me use it to go from TPA to DC to NYC even though it is about the same as a round trip from TPA to DC.

I don’t plan on coming back to TPA before leaving for Israel and I just can’t bring myself to spend 25K on a one way ticket.  So what is a girl to do!?  Well, I just found out that if I book my round trip ticket from TPA to DC and then call 72 hours before my return trip to cancel, I have up to one year to use it.  Bam!  I’m going to just stop back in DC on my way back from Israel and redeem the last half when I’m damn well and ready to use it.  Also, Delta has a call center here in Tampa!  I was talking to a representative only 3 blocks away!

It is the little successes that make me smile.


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By plane, by train, by automobile

So after the disappointment of renting a car (see last post), I started looking into other ways of getting to TN.  My Aunt Leslie lives in Jacksonville and is driving up so I decided to take the Amtrak to JAX and hitch a ride with her.  I’m pretty excited about my first American train trip.  I’ll be sure to let you all know about it.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to use my Best Western rewards points to buy enough Delta Skymiles to fly up to DC in February.  I hope I can get first class even.  The DC trip overall is coming together nicely.  I’ve got a private tour of the Capital lined up with my congressman’s staff and we have submitted our request for a White House tour (we won’t find out until two weeks before).

Yay travel!

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