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I love airports.  If I could, I would live in an airport hotel.  They offer so much possibility.  You can go anywhere around the world from these ports of freedom.  I have my favorites (Atlanta is actually on my good list – I like the underground tunnels) and my not-so-favorites (Detroit).  But by any measure, I love Tampa International Airport.

It has decentralized security so you never have to wait too long, it has a nice flying pattern (you fly in or out over the bay), and it has first-hour-free parking.  Random?  Probably, but I love driving up to the top floor of the parking garage, which is above the rest of the main terminal, and just watching the planes take off or land beneath the open skies.  I think people lose sight of the fact that a miracle of sorts is happening when a multi-ton metal tube full of 150+ human beings, luggage, gas, food, drinks, etc lifts off from the ground and stays in the air for hours at a time and then lands safely.

But one more reason I love airports is best summed up in the intro to Love Actually:



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