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Little successes

So I’m working on my ticket from Tampa to DC (I’m going to DC for a week on vacation before heading to NYC to leave for Israel).  Delta charges 25K for either a one way ticket or a round trip ticket.  They won’t let me use it to go from TPA to DC to NYC even though it is about the same as a round trip from TPA to DC.

I don’t plan on coming back to TPA before leaving for Israel and I just can’t bring myself to spend 25K on a one way ticket.  So what is a girl to do!?  Well, I just found out that if I book my round trip ticket from TPA to DC and then call 72 hours before my return trip to cancel, I have up to one year to use it.  Bam!  I’m going to just stop back in DC on my way back from Israel and redeem the last half when I’m damn well and ready to use it.  Also, Delta has a call center here in Tampa!  I was talking to a representative only 3 blocks away!

It is the little successes that make me smile.


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Right before your eyes

I grew up outside of Tampa and never really liked the city.  The skyline was interesting to see when the fair came to town – peaking over the tops of the trees as one peaked on the Farris Wheel.  But to me, it was full of people too busy for life, grungy looking people and just undesirable experiences.

When I travel, I try to make it a point to visit open/green spaces.  I like the idea of nature in the middle of urban settings.  Central Park in NYC can take you from the hustle and bustle to a calm, relaxed setting with trees shrubs and wildlife.  Not all urban parks need to be dense or intricate to do the trick either.  I was introduced to a beautiful park today by a friend of mine.  He loves Tampa and loves to educate people on the city.

We went to the Curtis Hixon Waterfront park on the Hillsborough River.  It has a large lawn with lush grass, nice trees and is right up against the East shore of the river.  It is flanked by two museums (just outside of the photo below, they would be on the right hand side) that add to a nice feeling of closeness to the city, yet far enough away to connect to nature.  The University of Tampa is across the river in the background.  If you are ever in town, it is something to see regardless of season.  Even after a heavy rain (like today) it was beautiful and perfectly fine to walk around in wearing nice clothes.

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